Festival Schedule

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Name tags and pre-ordered T-shirts must be picked up prior to your first field trip at Fountain Creek Nature Center. Pick-up times are Thursday, 18 May and Friday, 19 May from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday, 20 May from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Field trips meet at various locations. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for an on-time departure.

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Thursday, May 18

Th1   2:30p-5:00p        Adams Open Space, Bird Walk (15)
Th2   4:00p-6:00p        Fountain Creek NC, Big Sit (15)
Th3   4:30p-6:30p        Fountain Creek Regional Park, Bird Walk (15)

Sem1  6:30p-7:15p     “Birds of the Pikes Peak Region” (100) – Virtual

Friday, May 19

F1      6:00a-10:00a      Bear Creek Regional Park – East, Bird Walk (15)
F2      6:00a-11:00a      Chico Basin Ranch, Bird Walk & Bird Banding Demo (15) 
F3      6:00a-1:00p         Brett Gray Ranch, Guided Bird Hike (12)
F4      7:00a-10:00a      Big Johnson Reservoir & Bluestem Prairie Open Space, Big Sit (15)
F5      7:00a-10:00a      Fountain Valley School, Bird Walk (15)
F6      7:00a-10:00a      Adams Open Space, Bird Hike (12)
F7      7:00a-10:30a      North Cheyenne Cañon, Bird Hike (12)
F8      7:00a-10:30a      Kettle Creek Lakes, Bird Walk (15)
F9      7:00a-11:00a      Clear Spring Ranch, Bird Walk (15)
F10   7:30a-11:00a      Aiken Canyon Preserve, Bird Hike (10)
F11   7:30a-11:00a      
Kane Ranch Open Space, Bird Walk (12) 
F12   7:30a-11:00a      Mueller State Park, Bird Hike (15) 
F13   8:00a-10:00a      Garden of the Gods, Prairie Falcon Sit (40)
F14   9:00a-11:00a      Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Foothill Flowers Walk (6/15) 
F15  10:00a-11:30a    Bear Creek Nature Center, GPS/Geocaching 101, (8/15)
F16   10:00a-Noon      Fountain Creek Regional Park, Bug Watching Walkabout (15) 
Sem2  1:00p-2:00p     “Feeding  is for the Birds,” Wild Birds Unlimited Store (20)
Sem3  1:00p-2:30p     “White-tailed Ptarmigan Research,” (100) – Virtual
Sem4  1:00p-3:00p      Live Birds of Prey, Fountain Creek Nature Center (60) 
W1    3:30p-5:00p        Bird Photography, Fountain Creek Nature Center (40) 
F17    5:00p-7:00p       Garden of the Gods, Bird Walk (15) 
F18    5:00p-7:30p       Fountain Creek Regional Park, Bird Walk (15) 
Sem5  6:00p-8:00p     Mountain Lion Talk, Bear Creek Nature Center – Select Sem5 during registration for talk only. (30)
F19     7:30p-9:30p      Bat Research Seminar & Walk, Fountain Creek Nature Center (15)
F20     8:00p-10:00p   Bear Creek Nature Center, Insect Black Lighting (15)

Saturday, May 20

S1      6:00a-11:00a      Chico Basin Ranch, Bird Walk & Bird Banding Demo (15) 
S2      6:00a-Noon          Horse Creek Ranch, Bird Hike (10) 
S3      6:00a-1:00p         Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Ovenbird/Hermit Thrush Hike (15)
S4      6:00a-1:00p         Brett Gray Ranch, Bird Hike (12)
Sem6 6:30a-7:30a       Hummingbird Banding, Starsmore V&NC – Session #1 (10)
S5      6:30a-11:30a      Hanna Ranch, Bird Hike (12) 
S6      6:30a-Noon         Clear Spring Ranch, Bird Walk (15)
S7      6:30a-Noon         Corral Bluffs Open Space, Bird Hike (15)      
S8      7:00a-10:00a      Fountain Valley School, Bird Walk (15)
S9      7:00a-10:00a      Adams Open Space, Bird Walk (15)
S10   7:00a-11:00a      Fountain Creek Regional Park – Area 7, Big Sit (20)
Sem7 7:45a-8:45a       Hummingbird Banding, Starsmore V&NC – Session #2 (10)
S11   8:00a-11:00a      Manitou Lake Recreation Area, Bird Hike (15)
S12   8:30a-10:30a      Garden of the Gods, Swifts, Falcons & Geology Walk (15)
S13   8:30a-11:30a      Fountain Creek Regional Park, Bird Walk (15)
S14   8:30a-1:00p       
 Aiken Canyon Preserve, Mountain Lion Hike – Select S14 during registration and you will be automatically be added to the prerequisite, Sem5.  (10)
Sem8 9:00a-10:00a    “Hummingbirds,” Starsmore V&NC – Only Sem6 & Sem7 registrants (20)
W2  10:00a-11:30a    “eBird – A Tool for All Birders: The Essentials”, CPW Classroom (60)

S15    11:30a-2:00p     Chico Basin Ranch, Lunch w/Ranch Ecology & History (30)
Sem9  1:00p-2:00p    “Fun Facts You Don’t Know About Colorado Wildlife,” Fountain Creek Nature Center (50)
W3     1:00p-2:30p       “eBird – A Tool for All Birders: Tips & Tricks from Trip Reports to Vacation Planning”, CPW Classroom (60) 
Sem10 3:00p-4:00p    “Gardening for Wildlife,” (100) – Virtual 
Sem11 3:00p-4:30p    “Raptor Identification,” Fountain Creek Nature Center (60)                                 

5:00pm-7:00pm            Birds, Brews & Bites (130) – Bear Creek Regional Park Pavilions
                                                 Mile High Bug Club
                                                 PPCC Wild Things 
                                                 Festival Artwork Auction
                                                 Sponsor & Partner Tables
                                                 Live Music
                                                 Door prizes and more!

Sunday, May 21

Su1       6:00a-10:00a    Bear Creek Regional Park – East, Bird Walk (15)
Su2       6:00a-11:00a    Chico Basin Ranch, Bird Walk & Bird Banding Demo (15)
Su3       6:00a-1:00p       Brett Gray Ranch, Bird Hike (12) 
Su4       6:30a-11:00a     Aiken Canyon Preserve, Bird Hike (15) 
Su5       6:30a-11:30a     Venetucci Farm & Pinello Ranch, Bird Hike (15)
Su6       6:30a-Noon        Clear Spring Ranch, Bird Walk (15)
Su7       6:30a-Noon        Pueblo County, Arkansas River, Bird Hike (15)
Su8       6:30a-Noon        Jimmy Camp Creek Open Space, Bird Hike (15)
Su9       7:00a-10:00a     Fountain Valley School, Bird Walk (15)
Su10    7:00a-11:00a     Glen Eyrie, Bird Walk (12)
Su11    7:00a-11:00a     Fountain Creek Regional Park, Bird Walk (15) 
Su12    8:00a-11:00a     Manitou Lake Recreation Area, Montane Bird Hike (15)    
Su13    8:00a-1:00p        Chico Basin Ranch – Pueblo County, Big Sit (20)