Steller’s Jay

Our seventh Pikes Peak Birding & Nature Festival took place in 2022.

Each year is unique. The weather may be sunny or stormy. Temperatures may be summery or chilly—after all, we are at high altitude.

Some birds are year-round residents. Others migrate to or from our area. Then, there are those species that wander; some years they are here in abundance, some years they hang out somewhere else.

To give you an idea of what previous festivals were like, we’ve posted photos and/or species lists from each previous year. Now it’s time to make new memories.

2021 Photos

2021 Festival Bird List

2019 Photos

2019 Festival Bird List

2018 Photos

2018 Festival Bird List

2017 Photos

2017 Festival Bird List

2016 Photos

2016 Festival Bird List

2015 Photos

2015 Festival Bird List