In compliance with current COVID-19 restrictions, all festival participants are required to wear a mask, practice safe physical distancing (remain 6 feet apart) and we do not recommend carpooling unless it is with family members, someone you know well or who has been vaccinated. You may notice different participant numbers for each field trip. This could be due to the different city or county restrictions or at the leader’s request. Please be aware festival events may be cancelled if the COVID-19 restriction level changes. 

Registration Opens Saturday, March 27, 10:00am

Trip Descriptions



Join an experienced field trip leader for a birding experience you’ll never forget. Explore the prairies, riparian woodlands, foothills, and higher elevations for a variety of birds, each species adapted to its special habitat.

Field trips are only open to individuals registered for the festival, unless otherwise indicated. Sign-up will be first come, first selected for all field trips. Driving distances and approximate routes are on our website. Trip destinations and/or leaders may be changed without notice.

Roads can be slick or muddy during wet weather, so use caution if we encounter snow or rain.

All vehicles entering state or federal parks must have appropriate passes. Field trips will meet and leave from various locations so please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure to caravan. If you have one, a walkie talkie/radio is helpful so vehicles can communicate while traveling.


What to wear: Weather can be unpredictable so be prepared. Layers of clothing are best, as temperatures change rapidly during the day. Trips east to the short-grass prairie may encounter spring winds. High elevations are significantly cooler, so be prepared to bundle up. We recommend you bring a hat, gloves, scarf, and sunscreen on all trips. Insect repellent is a good idea for some destinations.

Food/Snacks: Be sure to carry plenty of drinking water. It’s vital to stay hydrated in the sunshine and low humidity. Snacks will also be appreciated, especially on longer hikes. You may want to pack a lunch for longer trips.

Optics: Binoculars are essential for good looks at the birds. Spotting scopes may be helpful on some trips and will be mentioned in the trip description when appropriate. And don’t forget your camera! Even if you don’t have a long lens for bird portraits, you’ll want to capture the beauty of Colorado’s spectacular scenery.

Destination Maps:

Map of sites 1